Justdial Data Extractor To Scrape Direct WhatsApp Number

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This post will guide why and how you can scrape thousands of business contacts along with their WhatsApp numbers from Justdial using our Justdial data extractor software in a matter of minutes and then use use it for further marketing.

Justdial has now got a huge list of retail shops, dealers and manufacturers from all over India. In addition to being a great source of information for direct professionals, Justdial is also a primary lead source for B2B traders such as manufacturers looking for dealers and retails to sell their goods.

It provides a lot of information about its listings adding to your ways of being able to contact the listing owner. It includes but is not limited to name of shop or store, address, phone numbers, website link and much more. You can use all these information to pitch your goods or services to them and increase your sales with least to no field work.

But wait what? The number on Justdial does not belong to the listing owner directly. The numbers starting with 9152 are virtual numbers of Justdial which means you cannot send SMS to them. Plus if you call them, you will also get a lot of call-backs from related listings.

If you willing to send bulk SMS or email campaigns to these listing, it becomes tedious because the process it too slow to search and jot down everything.

But with our fast Justdial data extraction tool, it becomes a breeze. It can solve all of the above problem at warp speed. Not only its fast, it extract much more information that you manually could including email address, WhatsApp number, upto 3 direct phone numbers, location co-ordinates and much more.

Best Justdial Data Extractor - Extrax

This Justdial scraping software can scrape thousands of listings within a few minutes with no sweat. You can enter one or more categories to look into, search by either a whole city or a smaller area in a city. This unlimited Justdial data extractor tool is all you need to supercharge your sales force.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get a live demo or purchase this awesome app.

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