Please read below our end user license agreement (EULA) before purchasing any of our products.

By using our software, you agree to abide following terms and conditions:

  1. License key once activated on a particular machine cannot be used with or transferred to a different machine.
  2. No refund shall be provided against your license once activated on a machine.
  3. This software will only scrape publicly available information from respective website(s) if and until the website is accessible from your machine. If either of your machine, network or IP is blocked by the respective website(s), it will not be considered as a software failure.
  4. If the software fails to work properly at any point of time during your licensed period, you must allow upto 30 days for a fix discovered issue to be fixed.
  5. In the event of software failure or discontinuation (due to technical limitations), you can request to convert your license to another offering from our range of software. This can only be availed once.
  6. Redistribution of this software (regardless of purpose) is not permitted. Failing to which, your license shall be cancelled immediately.
  7. You agree to indemnify us from any liability, obligation or responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever derived from the usage of this software or obtained information.